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Dance your heart out

November 15, 2010

With winter just around the corner, we are in the process of transitioning from outdoors to indoors. It is sometimes hard to keep a rambunctious three-year old boy busy with indoor play! They really do need to burn off energy and use their large motor skills. One way I get Hayden to exercise when we cannot go outside is turn on music and dance!

We have a Roku box (a device that hooks your TV to the internet) that has Pandora (and internet music player) and we just type in the kind of music we want and dance and sings our hearts out. Hayden usually likes to dance to Disney or The Wiggles. I must admit that I love this music too! I am often walking around the house belting out the words to “Part of Your World” (The Little Mermaid) or making lunch and singing “Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy” (The Wiggles). It is fun to see the look on Hayden’s face when I know all the words to his favorite songs.

I’m lucky that I have always had a fondness for children’s music, since most parents find it a little annoying. My husband is one of those people! The other day he was driving my car and there was nothing on the radio so he checked my CD player, he was not impressed. Four of the six discs were all children’s music and the other two were an audio book from loving guidance, on preventing power struggles! He opted to listen to me ramble about life instead.

It makes me laugh how much we change when we have children. Our interests slowly become what our child’s interests are. We sing silly songs to make them smile, or have conversations with our 4 month olds while we are walking around the grocery store. Sometime we even go as far as learning all the characters on Thomas the Tank Engine just to impress them. It is such an amazing feeling when your child thinks you are awesome, even if it means that in regular society you maybe considered a little odd!

Having children has made me such a weirdo, but I am proud of it!

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