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right now

November 23, 2010

From Making Life : right now

Some days are more stressful than others and today was a very stressful day! The day started out like most preschool days, with Hayden and I getting up at around 7am. Hayden knows we are going to a Birthday party tonight and immediately started asking when we were going to go. I told him the days plan of events, which of course he does not care about or even listen too, since not a minute later he was asking when we were going to go to the Birthday party. Many days I can handle the repetitive nature of my 3 years old, but today I’m just plain old tired, so I say “ask me again and we won’t be going at all!” Which then sets off a meltdown and my morning is spent sulking (both Hayden and I). Elliot wakes ups about 7:45am and I get him and Hayden dressed, fed and ready to go to. Hayden has preschool at 8:30am, so I start the car at 8 and think we are doing just great for time. Well, when I go back into the house, Hayden refuses to put his coat on because he is Iron man and Iron man does not need a coat. I play along and he finally cooperates. I then ask him to pick a toy for “show and tell” and what does he pick, but a toy shot-gun my mother bought for him (thanks a lot mom!). I tell him that we cannot bring his toy gun because they are not allowed at preschool. What I get is another meltdown!

We finally leave and get to preschool 10 minutes late, because we happened to run into a train when we were leaving town (this really helps my mood by the way). So I dropped Iron man (I continued to call him that to appease him) off at preschool and head home. There are some people coming out to do an estimate on new windows for our house today, so I hurry home. Everything goes smoothly during the first estimate, but the second one I had scheduled did not go so well. First of all, Hayden was home for the second one and was not exactly listening. He was so hyper even though he was supposed to be having quiet time. He kept sneaking out of his room, was singing at the top of his lungs and basically acting like a complete wild child just to get mine and the estimate guys attention. It was very hard to listen to this guy give his sales pitch when my three-year old was being plain old naughty!

The guy was finally finishing his whole pitch when Elliot woke up. I brought Elliot out of his room and to my horror discovered that he exploded. I mean poop everywhere! So as this guy is packing up his display windows, he can probably hear me through the baby monitor saying various phrases like, “how did you get poop way up there”, “aaaawhhh man”, “it is everywhere”, “I’m glad you think this is funny”. I don’t think that guy could get out of here any faster. So I bathed Elliot and told Hayden he needed to lay down for quiet time, since he did not do it earlier. So right now…

both boys are sleeping and I am blogging about my stressful day, which in return is putting me in a better mood since it is helping me to laugh off what I would consider, not me at my finest.  Most days I try to be patient and understanding, but today I just struggled. I guess some days I just need to act like a child myself and not deal with everything in a mature fashion. What a day it has been and it is only half over, I pray I can turn it around and be the grown up again!


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