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Out with the old part II

November 29, 2010

imagine the ugly white fridge where the beautiful stainless one is

ugly white one that is now out basement beverage fridge

I have come to the conclusion that I am really spoiled! My Husband and I decided that we NEEDED new appliances for our kitchen. I say needed because the microwave was not working the best. The refrigerator and range probably did not need to be replaced, but you can’t have just one stainless steel appliance!

It has really changed the look of our kitchen. Last year we painted the cabinets (wish we could have replaced them) and put in granite countertops (before they were white with gold flecks , UGLY). The cabinets were a nasty maple color and were so dingy and gross. I thought about refinishing them and staining them darker, but opted to paint them since I thought it would be easier. I was wrong! They took 4 coats of paint just to make them look good and they still are not fitting the best with the new hinges. They do look way better than before but still not really what I want.  maybe someday we will replace them, you know, when we find ourselves with too much money. HA, never going to happen!

Someday, when I finally feel like my kitchen is the way I want it, I will do a before and after blog! I may just do that with the entire house, since we really have changed a lot since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago.

I just love being a home owner, even if I do start to get bored with my surrounding. I say this because  I am always dreaming up the next thing that NEEDS to be changed in our house (would love to re-do Hayden’s bathroom, the garage and add main floor laundry). Since the funds are not always there to do these things, I usually just rearrange a couple of rooms or paint something and feel like the house is all new again!

I love my kitchen!

I love my home and we are making so many memories here. I really am blessed to have such a wonderful space to raise my family in!

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