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right now

November 30, 2010

From Making Life : right now

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Hayden has preschool. It always seems like we are running late no matter what time we wake up. Today was no exception, but today had another factor that I so do not like, SNOW! For someone who has grown up in a cold climate, I really do not like the cold. I love the first snow; watching the world around you being covered in white, it all seems so magical…but after that it is just dirty and cold! The wind is also something that I am not so fond of. We live on the edge of town, and even with our old, full-grown trees we still do not have much cover from the wind. It just blasts you with cold and chills you to the bone. So right now…

I’m remembering that just a few short weeks ago we had no snow. We were able to play outside and would often sit at the back door and watch the squirrels gathering their food for the winter. With how fast the fall has flown by, I know spring will be here in no time. For now, we will just have to cuddle up at home and try to keep warm!

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