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December 1, 2010

Hayden when he was about 3 months old

Elliot at almost 4 months

I am a pumping mom and proud to say it! When I first had Elliot I primarily nursed him, but would have to pump even after he was finished eating. It slowly started to wear on me since I would feed Elliot and still be uncomfortable and have to pump. Many nights I would wake up, nurse Elliot for an hour (he was a slow, lazy eater) and then stay up an extra 15-20 minutes to pump. I was exhausted, because Elliot ate about every 3 hours! So in trying to make my life a little easier I started primarily pumping and giving him a bottle. This little set up is working great for us!

The night process is way faster now. My hubby wakes up and gives Elliot a bottle and I pump at the same time. It is almost like our own personal middle of the night chatting session! He sits in his recliner feeding the baby and I sit in mine pumping food for the next feeding. I do still nurse Elliot every once and awhile, but he has gotten lazy and does not really like to work for his food.

Another reason I like giving him a bottle is because I know exactly how much he is getting. When I nursed him, I had no idea how much he was consuming. With a bottle I can see just how much he eats at each feeding and keep track of about how much breast-milk he would need if someone else was watching him for the day.

ran out of room in this freezer and have now taken over the freezer in the basement as well

I try to pump every 3 hours and yes even in the night I wake up once our twice to pump, depending on the night. I get up in the night even when Elliot does not, because I do not want to lose my supply. My freezer is getting stocked and Elliot is 5 months old now, so I feel we are doing pretty good. Hopefully we can make it at least 8 months, although it would be nice to make it a whole year!

Hayden 5 months old

Elliot 5 months old

Hayden was only nursed for 5 months, but had enough frozen to make it to about 6 months. We started food after that, so he had another source of nourishment. We will see how the next few months go, but right now this works best for us. Not to mention it gives me about 15 minutes to myself every few hours. How else do you think these blogs get written!

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