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The world according to Hayden

December 2, 2010

I have decided to write a post about the way Hayden sees things. Hopefully this will become a regular part of my blog, since the things he says sometimes crack me up! I’ll also be putting some pictures that he has taken up, they can be very interesting as well!

Hayden: “we’re off to see the river, the river of the pause.” (insert wizard for river and oz for pause and you will hear a nice little tune he sings quite often)

Me: “Hayden, why would you do that? You do not even like salt on your food.” (after he decided to dump out the entire salt shaker on the kitchen table) Hayden: “I’m just a little boy, I do not know any better.” (really hard to keep a straight face when he pulls that out)

Hayden: “Oh, Thank you! you are such a good helper.” (in response to me handing him a napkin at the dinner table)

Elliot: (fussing)
Grandma Vicki: “Elliot, it’s okay, Grandma’s coming.”
Hayden: “Grandma, your suppose to say, it’s okay Bubba.”  (he then walks over to Elliot and starts to hush and sing to him)

Me: “how was preschool today?”
Hayden: “it was good, but I was naughty.”
Me: “what did you do?”
Hayden: “I made my teacher mad, because I was naughty.”
(at least he is honest!)

Hayden: “Eweeit (he can’t say his L’s very well), what you talkin bout?” (in response to Elliot’s baby babbling)

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