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Christmas Cards

December 19, 2010

We send out about 100 cards each year!

Every year I send out a Christmas card to my friends and relatives and every year it gets harder and harder to get them out on time!

My Husband usually gives me a lot of grief, because I start stressing about the Christmas letter around Thanksgiving time. It is hard for me because I want people to think my letter is interesting and not just something I use to brag about my family. I mean, they are pretty great but I want people to know what we have been up to as well!

Nick thinks it is ridiculous that I get so stressed about this silly little letter, but I just don’t want to sound stupid. I guess it is kind of funny that I e-mail him, my Mom and my Dad a copy just so they can look it over and let me know what they think. It is nice to have a little reassurance and perspective from other people; I also don’t mind a little praise if there is something they particularly like!

As you may have noticed, I’m not all that good at expressing myself through words. You can probably see that through this rambling blog, but I still enjoy trying (sometimes). The thing that is such a challenge for me when writing our letter is trying to keep it only one page long. I can go on and on and on and on and on and on…I think you get the picture!

Nick was watching me fill out Christmas cards the other day and just could not belive that I enjoy doing it (and I do I just stress about the letter part). I think his exact quote was, “you sure do work hard on something that is just going to be thrown away after Christmas.” This is probably true, but I still cannot see myself not doing it! It is like not going to church on Christmas Eve, or being with your family for the holiday! Without this silly little card, it just does not feel like Christmas time to me! 

Even though most people throw away their cards after Christmas, I DO NOT. This is something that I picked up from my Mother. She keeps the cards that she receives in a three-ring binder. I also do this, and am going to try to find a nice Christmas themed album to put them in this year. It is kind of fun to go through the old letters and pictures and see what was going on with friends and family in that time or even just see how young everyone is in the pictures!

My Parents send out a Christmas card every year as well. Theirs usually involves a card, a real photo and a poem that my Dad writes. I’m not  that creative with my writing yet, so a form letter is all I can muster each year. One year I thought I was pretty creative and wrote it from our dog’s point of view, but it only happened once. Now I just feel good when I get the thing wrote and sent out before Christmas!

Oh, and to our friends and family, your cards will be in the mail soon!

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  1. December 21, 2010 11:42 pm

    i just got mine out too, so don’t feel bad. i don’t do the whole letter thing tho, just a picture. but i do think i’m going for the letter next year…maybe you can give me some tips 🙂

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