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Hayden’s Painting

January 5, 2011

For Christmas this year Hayden made a painting for his Grandma Pam. He chose the colors he wanted to use and the brushes or items he wanted to use for each color. I gave him sponges, palette knives and a variety of brushes to use. Hayden always uses a lot of color when he paints and colors. I just love to watch him create his masterpieces!This project was on our table for four days, and everyday he worked on it a little more. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the progress, because it was really neat to see how much it changed everyday.Nick usually is the one who rough houses and plays trains and cars with our boys, while I like to encourage their creativity. We really balance each other out in that aspect, since I like the fine motor skills and Nick like the large motor skills. I really hope this will make our children well-rounded adults! Hayden really enjoyed working on this painting for his Grandma, but started to get bored with the items he was given. I suggested that we put handprints on it and he just loved the idea. He probably just wanted a chance to stick his hand in the paint, but it really did make it more personal. After he put the handprints on he finally said it was finished!After we let it dry we put it in a frame and wrapped it for Grandma. He was so excited about it that the first chance he had he told her all about her Christmas present. I think his exact words were, “I painted you a picture for Christmas and mom put it in a window for you!”  It was so cute and I guess a frame does kind of look like a window. Since this painting, Auntie Kendra said she wants one too.  I guess he already has a fan base at three years of age!

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