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January 23, 2011

We recently took a trip to Disney World. This was Hayden’s 5th trip and Elliot’s 2nd which is pretty impressive considering we are over 1600 miles away from there. I know what your thinking, a little over-kill on the Disney. I would almost have to agree, ALMOST. We love that place even if it is always packed with people and the lines are crazy long!We had quite the group this time. Everyone on my side of the family minus my sister-in-law, my hubby and my niece Hannah got to go on this trip. I guess some people had to stay back and work. The group consisted of my Mom (Pam), Dad (Bob), Brother (Ryan), Nephew (Hudson), Sister (Kendra) and her boyfriend (Matthew) and of course Hayden, Elliot and I. We have mastered the DW experience. Using fast-passes and baby-pass-backs we can get on many rides with little to no wait! My Mother has a book with tips and tricks to a great Disney experience and we follow some of those guidelines and make up some of our own as well. It really is a lot of fun, yet extremely exhausting! I am still aching from being the fast-pass runner and from being on my feet all day!We spent an entire week there and got to see all the parks and even do a couple twice. It is amazing how that place really brings out the kid in you! I would have to say that Disney’s Hollywood studio and Magic Kingdom are my favorite two parks. I just love the Tower of Terror, Rocking Rollercoaster and the shows that are available at Hollywood Studios, yet I love the classic rides like Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain. Unfortunately Splash Mountain was not open on our last trip. I was really looking forward to taking Hayden on that one since, he is now tall enough to go on some of the big rides!He was so excited to be tall enough that he went with us on Tower of Terror. I still cannot believe he did this one, because it is pretty scary! He went on it though, but when asked what he thought he responded, “that was NOT my favorite at all!”His favorite ride was actually Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! This one is a roller coaster that shaped like a train and train cars. He loves trains, so of course he loved the fastest train in the world! (not really the fastest, he just thinks it is)This was probably our last trip to Disney World for a while, but it really was a great vacation with the family. I love spending time with my family, but I think our next vacation needs to involve a beach and a lot of sun!

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