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Chocolate chip walnut cookies

February 26, 2011

I love chocolate chip walnut cookies! They are a little more fun then just plain old chocolate chip and are so yummy. The other day, I decided that I really wanted to use my kitchenaid mixer. I just got one from my sister’s store (she manages a store called Past and Present and it is such a great little shop with some wonderful finds) and I have not had the time to use it. You can tell by the amount of posts that I have written in the past couple weeks that things have been hectic around here!

Anyways, I finally used my mixer, did I mention it is a $289 mixer that I got for $50? Well it is and it works wonderfully! I still need to get some of the other attachments, but it is still a very good investment. Especially since I am a stress baker. The more stress  in my life, the more baked goodies available in our home. I better be careful or soon I will be an overweight-stress-baker!

These cookies are one that I have made a thousand times and it comes from one of my hometown-local cookbooks (“Getting a Head Start in Cooking” by my Mother’s HeadStart families). I just love my hometown cookbooks, they remind me of simpler times and of the community I was a part of for so long.

This recipe is easy and you almost always have the ingredients needed to make them. I usually bake them for 6-8 minutes and let them sit on the cookie sheet for at least 3 minutes. This technique produces a  delicious chewy cookie. Over-bake them and they will be hard and crumbly!Hayden was the one to decide what I was going to bake that day and I think he only chose these cookies, because he loved the dough. I think he tries to eat more dough then he does cookies!

Well I hope you all enjoy these simple, delicious cookies! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that next week there will be a little more time for blogland!

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