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right now

March 1, 2011

From Making Life : right now

Having 2 kids is hard! Some days, I think I rock at this parenting thing and we should have a whole herd of kids. Other days I  want to crawl under a rock and not deal with everything going on. Some things that make me want to disappear are checking out the bathroom when Hayden says he spilled (also known as he missed the toilet and peed everywhere) or repositioning Elliot 3 times a night because he keeps getting his legs stuck in the crib (ordered a breathable bumper to try to help with that). Sleepless nights and constant cleaning! That is what 2 kids have in store for you. But then there are those moments when you watch your two kids together and realize how wonderful and lucky you are. Right now…

is one of those moment. It makes me want to have oodles of kids, just so we can have more of these moments.

This is how it happend. I was cooking lunch  and feeding Elliot at the same time when the timer went off on the oven. Hayden’s food was ready, so I went to get it out of the oven. Elliot was not pleased that I turned my attention away from his being fed. I reassured him be telling him I’d be right back, which of course an 8 month old does not understand. He started to fuss really loud while I was preparing a plate for Hayden, then suddenly he stopped. I turned around to find Hayden had taken over feeding duties.

Hayden is a wonderful big brother and he loves his little brother so much. Elliot is fascinated by his older brother and watches him constantly. You can tell by the way the interact that they adore each other. So more kids in our future, I hope so. It can be tyring some days but soon I will be missing these hours when we can sit around and enjoy each others company!

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  1. March 2, 2011 12:36 am

    That is so sweet! I totally hear you that those are the moments that make it all worth it!

  2. March 3, 2011 7:22 pm

    Wow, Kim, that is exactly what we’re going through here right now, exactly. You nailed it. Seeing them together sometimes — briefly — makes me think I was not insane to have more than one child!

    • March 3, 2011 10:47 pm

      Some day we are going to miss this and we are going to be more worried about our backtalking teenagers! It is nice to know I’m not crazy and that other mommies that I respect are going through the same things! Thanks! hope all is well with you guys!

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