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right now

March 22, 2011

From Making Life : right now

Sleep has been lacking around here. Schedules are off,  little boys are boogery and sick, AND to top it all off Elliot is teething (kill me now). I do not do well with little sleep. I get grumpy, short-tempered and all around unpleasant! but…

right now I’m marveling at my rosy cheeked little drool monsters ability to get around. A couple of weeks ago Elliot started to drag himself around like a little mountain climber scaling the side of a cliff. This technique has evolved into a full-out army crawl. He seems to get around really quickly and I am amazed at how fast he can get into something as soon as I turn my back! Although he is not up on all fours yet, he will be soon and there will be no stopping him after that. I need to baby proof this place!

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  1. March 22, 2011 4:35 pm

    He is adorable. It is always amazing how quickly they pick up the ability to get where the want to go.

  2. March 23, 2011 12:22 pm

    Ha, we really were thinking along the same lines, weren’t we? Beatrice is on the move and I must say I wouldn’t have minded if she’d taken things a little slower. Now she is into everything — and as I’m sure you’re discovering, too, it is absolutely impossible to “baby-proof” a house with a 3-year-old in it. Bea is always trying to get at whatever Adeline is playing with, which of course makes Adeline crazy. So basically now I’m getting nothing done because I’m constantly baby wrangling! Don’t you sometimes wish for just a big padded room to put the baby in — something more fun than a playpen, perhaps a replica of our real living room only made of rubber…

    • March 23, 2011 1:00 pm

      I know right! I almost didn’t post this because it was so similar to yours, but oh well. We are living similar lives! Constantly running after babies before they put that tiny little toy car, or Polly Pocket in your case, in their mouths! Oh and have I mentioned Elliot’s obsession w/ power cords! Anytime he sees one he immediately has to go after it!

      I know this sounds bad, but I have not even really been encouraging Elliot to crawl (not ready for 2 mobile kiddos). With Hayden I had him on his belly all the time and would encourage him to lift his head, scoot and then crawl. With Elliot floor/tummy time has been at a minimum, because I have a wild 4 yr old boy who thinks he needs to jump off of furniture, chase the dogs, or bounce around on his bouncy thing all day. I fear that he is going to get ran over in the hustle and bustle that is my everyday life! I have been getting better though. I guess in a way once they become mobile they just don’t seem like babies anymore…to close to toddling!

      I do wish we could have a padded room to put these little babies in, I swear Elliot bonks his head on everything! Once he really starts moving I’m going to have to get my running shoes ready! Two boys running in opposite directions, that is my future! *sigh*

      • March 24, 2011 9:49 am

        That’s funny, Bea loves power cords, too! She’s always unplugging our one lamp. Adeline never cared for cords or outlets.

        I don’t think you should feel bad for not encouraging Elliot to crawl! I certainly didn’t want Bea to crawl this early, but she managed it on her own anyway. She’s got this incredible determination! It’s like she somehow realizes that she drew the short straw as the second child and if she wants something, she’s got to do it for herself!

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