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Goodbye old friend

March 23, 2011

We have this old hand-me-down (or should I say “use” to have) that we got from my parents. They were getting new furniture and we needed a set since we just moved into a larger home, really it worked out perfectly. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to that old couch the other day.

The "old friend" being used by my hubby

After much use these past three years and a little make over (a $100 slip-cover) this couch has worked great for our family, but it is time for her to move on to greener pastures (or the dump). The reason being, we needed to make room in our basement for a “project” my sis and I are pursuing (I’ll let you know more about this later). Our new couch we put in the basement when we moved in, so we brought that one up for the living room and said goodbye to our “old friend”.

Most couches would be easy to remove from ones home, but this one is not! When we moved here we had to remove our living room picture window just to get the darn thing in the house. considering this window would be over $1000 to replace, I’m not so sure this was a good idea! It was to wide and long to fit in any of our doorways, so we had to really think about how we were going to get it out. Since it is basically shot, we opted to use a skill-saw and take it out in pieces!Hayden thought it was great fun watching his Dad take apart the couch, several times he commented on how strong his Daddy is…Elliot was not impressed at all!Every time the saw would turn on he would scream and cry. I guess he is going to miss that old couch!After we got this couch, Nick and I brought up the other one from the basement. I like this basement couch better, but the one thing I do not like is that the color is so similar to the walls. Hmmm….maybe I can talk Nick into repainting the living room, HA! never going to happen unless I do it myself. He painted most of this house by himself. I picked the colors and he did the work, since I was finishing up my college courses when we moved!

this couch is microfiber and does not photograph well! It looks all stained up, but it is not!

Over all I’m glad we made the change. I finally have that stinky old couch out of here!

PS. the slip-cover on the old couch stained it that yucky color, it used to be white and beige. Looking at the pictures makes it look like we had a disgustingly stained sofa, so I needed to clarify!

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