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Impulsive Spring

April 13, 2011

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we spent almost the entire day outside cleaning up the yard and playing. Hayden spent most of the day digging in his sandbox and playing on his swing-set. This would have been a wonderful day if he would not have gotten several slivers from his playset. If you have a young child you know just how hard it is to try to extract a sliver, especially when they have the really deep ones. So the decision was made, that play-set had to go! Nick and I have talked about moving our play-set to a better location (where it can be seen from the kitchen window) but did not know if it was possible. It turns out that it was NOT possible to reuse! While trying to take it apart we found out just how unsafe it was. The wood was rotten in some places and the screws were rusted which made it impossible to take apart. So we took it apart the only way we knew how… Bring out the circular saw!

Nick was not sure where to start and did not think we could get this big thing taken apart in the few hours we had of daylight. Hayden (who has come to believe his Dad is Superman) said, “you can do it Daddy, you got the couch out all by yourself!” This or course was enough encouragement to go ahead with the project.

Elliot did not really like the sound of the saw, so Hayden was trying to help buffer the sound. Soon after this picture was taken we had to go inside for baths and bedtime. I was unable to get any pictures of the big platform being taken down, but I’m pretty sure he just pushed it over since it was not the most sturdy thing in the world! You may be wondering what we are going to do with this spot now, well that is the future site for my garden! I’ve wanted to put a garden in since we moved in, but the only place that is sunny enough is right where that play-set used to be. Stay tuned for the construction of a new play-set and the planting of a garden!

Goodbye sliver haven and hello garden, I’m so excited!

PS. Be ready for many summer BBQ’s and nights sitting around the fire-pit, we have a lot of wood to burn!

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