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Step 1:Back Breaker

April 25, 2011

Today was supposed to be cold and rainy, but we woke up sunshine! So our day was spent outside working on what will soon be my vegetable garden. Bring on the physical labor!To plant my garden, first I have to get all the sand out of it! Our old playset had a sandbox and sand all around it for safety reasons and we plan on reusing it for our new playset.Hayden and a neighbor girl played all day in the sand pile making anything from a huge sand castles to a slide. They had a blast and stayed out of the way while I filled my wheel barrel and maneuvered it back and forth from my garden plot to a tarp we have set up on out back patio (didn’t want to kill the grass).
Elliot enjoyed watching the days events. He just enjoys being outside even if he does not get to get dirty and play in the sand with his brother!
It was also a good day to bring my house plants outside for a nice breath of fresh air and a drink of sunshine!

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