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Mama’s Day

May 9, 2011

I love Mother’s Day! Not because it celebrates me, but because it celebrates my greatest creation, my kids! Without them I would not be a mother and I would be so lost and down right board. Unfortunately, I had to work on Mother’s Day this year but it was only for a couple of hours so it wasn’t that bad. This gave my boys the time to make me a feast, clean the house and make me some gifts…maybe it is a little about me as well!

Drawing of our family that Hayden made for me

I came home from work I found this beautiful picture taped to out front door; then I walked in to find my husband had cooked a delicious meal for the family. Anytime I don’t have to cook I feel like a lucky girl, but this meal was amazing! Pork-loin, seasoned potatoes with mushrooms, crescent rolls and Caeser salad and all served on my wedding China (which I actually have never used before, kind of exciting)!

The beautiful meal

My hubby even went as far as making me a rose and pot out of a paper towel. He said he felt bad since my gift was not there yet, since we were unable to go pick it up the day before. We are getting two apple trees and not just any apple trees honey-crisp apples! I can’t wait to get those, but we will see when we can actually get them since our weekends are filling up pretty quickly!

yummy sherbet slushes

For dessert we had sherbet slushes, which are delicious, low-cal and so easy to make. All you need is sherbet (any flavor) diet sierra mist (or soda like that) and a glass to put them in. Mix them together and get this delicious after dinner treat (or anytime snack)! should try this!

We enjoyed our dessert outside on our patio with the sun shining and the birds singing. It really was such a wonderful day!

Hayden does not bother with a straw when you can shovel it in with a spoon!

 My boys really made it such a wonderful day for me, but without them there would be nothing to celebrate! Happy belated Mama’s day to all of you Mamas out there!

My happy baby!



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