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right now

May 10, 2011

From Making Life : right now

We decided to get our carpet professionally cleaned since they have looked pretty dingy. No matter what I do to try to give them life again, they always just look dirty and worn out. I found a great deal where first time customers can get four rooms done for $65 on a local spotlight website. So I picked four rooms and scheduled the carpet cleaning guys. There was one stipulation, they did not move furniture! So on Sunday (Mother’s Day) we spent the night trying to cram our living room furniture and three bedrooms worth of stuff into the kitchen and the garage so the carpet cleaners could get all the carpets. It is all fine and dandy, right? ummm…not in the least!  Little did I know my hubby was going to leave me for 4 days with the “house” all packed in the kitchen and the garage AND that the carpets were going to take 8 hours to dry! what am I suppose to do all day when we have nothing planned and our house cannot be used! I can’t get to any of my dishes because I have our king size bed and box frame blocking my cupboards. We can barely walk through the kitchen to get to the basement…My house is in complete chaos and will probably remain this way until my husband returns Thursday night! but right now…

My little explorer!

we are having a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants day! First to McDonald’s for lunch (the one with the playland), then to the eye Doctor (Hayden is seeing 20/20), then to the zoo ( gotta use our annual pass), then to the humane society to play with the animals (Hayden has recently become obsessed with kittens),  then grabbed some Jimmy Johns and headed home.  All of us were a little tired and me a little sunburned, but all in all a good day! I’ll just deal with re-organizing my house tomorrow, or better yet leave it for my husband! HA!

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