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Still Here

June 22, 2011

I know my blog has been so quiet lately that you can hear the crickets chirping! We have been so unbelievably busy that blogging had been put on the back burner.  As soon as school is out the craziness begins. It all started in May when my hubby had to go to Canada for work. He was gone for 5 days and we saw him less then 24 hours and he was activated to help with the flooding. Then I got to be a single parent for 3 weeks longer!I love being a mom, but I seriously do not know how single mom’s do it. I mean they really have to be both parents and still keep up their homes and jobs. They must have superhuman powers or something, because by the time Nick came home I was at my wits end!We did break up the time Daddy was gone by taking yet another trip to Orlando. We decided to switch it up a bit and went to Sea World and Universal Studios. It was a stressful trip because it was SO HOT and I had not been sleeping the best.For some reason when my Husband is out of town I become an Insomniac. I just can not sleep no matter how hard I try; it is like I’m going through the motions but can wake up at any moment and be completely awake. Maybe now that he is home again sleep and I will become an item again, but thus far this relationship (between sleep and me) would be listed as it’s complicated on Facebook!Hopefully I will be able to post more about what we have been up to another day but right now I have to get the laundry done and pack for the weekend. We leave tomorrow for my hometown’s quasi-centanial and my all-school-reunion. I’m so excited to see all my old friends and the place where I grew up.I have not been taking many pictures lately, so the ones on this post are just random shots of my kids. We have been just trying to survive the day-to-day, so most of my leisure activities (photography, reading, blogging) have all been neglected lately!Sorry for all the randomness, that just seems to be my life lately!

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