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right now

June 28, 2011

From Making Life : right now

I am cleaning like a fool! We are having a Birthday party here on Friday (my baby turns 1, how can that be?) and I have so much to do before the party. My hunny-do-list has been longer than  ever since I was husbandless for a month, so I have been taking over some of the projects. Why do I put so much stress on Birthday parties? They sneak up on me and then I have a million things to do! but right now…

I’m getting ready to head to Brookings to celebrate one of the many June Birthdays our friends and family have this month. This one just happens to be Nick’s 31st Birthday dinner. last week Hudson had a pirate Birthday party and Friday Elliot has his backyard camp out party. The reason I stress myself out over these parties is because they are so important in my family. I am 28 years old and cannot remember a Birthday where I did not have cake and candles. It is tradition in my family and I’m not going to stop now! Happy Birthday all you June babies!

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