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Birthday camp-out

July 5, 2011

This year for Elliot’s first Birthday we decided to have a Birthday camp-out, which basically means we had a camping themed Birthday party. We grilled out, chatted, ate cake and watched the herd of children play in the back yard. We served brats, hotdogs, watermelon, apple crisp, veggies, apple salad, chips and potato salad. Oh, and we had to have cake as well. We set up our tent and some close friends of ours stayed the night (the bigger kids in the tent and the woman in the house with the babies). I could not have asked for better weather and everything just fell into place. It was such a wonderful first Birthday party!

I wish that I had more pictures to show you from the party, but unfortunately when you are hosting a party like this you do not always have time to catch a photo. Luckily my Auntie Mona took the camera around and took some pictures and I was able to take a few of Elliot eating his cake so I guess that is all that really matters. Some is better than none!

The little cake I made just for Elliot, there was also a camping cake that I made for everyone else to eat…look for that in another post! It was fun to watch the kids run around and be all crazy. They were just running circles around each other and playing on the new playset (which we finally finished a couple of weeks ago). They also loved the fireflies! We have so many around here that the few that they did catch to make a “lantern” did not even change the blinking sky at all!


Elliot made out like a bandit and got so many great gifts from everyone! He basically opened one gift and then just wanted to play with that toy. Luckily there were a lot of willing kiddos to help him out! Just thinking about the party again has brought a smile to my face. Thank you to all the family and friends that helped us celebrate this special day!

Happy First Birthday Elliot Alan, we are so blessed to have you in our lives! Love you little man!

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