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right now

July 12, 2011

From Making Life : right now

My house is always loud, between kid playing and dogs barking there is always noise. It is something that I am pretty used to so there is no point in fighting it. I would like a little quiet but know that it is not going to happen anytime soon. Even quiet-time/nap-time is filled with me telling Hayden to lay down and hush while trying to keep the house quiet enough to let Elliot sleep! I’m so used to noise that it has gotten to the point that when it get quiet I get nervous, because it usually means my boys are getting into something they should not be into. Right now, it is quiet…and I’m nervous!

so I sneak into Hayden’s room to investigate and see what they are up to! This is what I find; two little boys playing quietly in a tent with Hayden’s bat cave. This was so unexpected that I just had to try to capture it. It gives me hope for the future that there will be a time when it is quiet and peaceful!

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