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Weekend at Grandma’s

August 31, 2011

This past weekend we went to my parents house for one last little vacation before school starts. It was nice to get away and see some of our family. My Dad and Brother went and did some fencing near my hometown, while Mom and I entertained my 2 boys and my niece and nephew for the weekend. We went to Joy Ranch for a quilt auction, played outside, went swimming in the pool (my parents have an indoor pool) and visited some friends. It really was a great weekend!

On Saturday we went to Joy Ranch for a quilt auction. The Lutheran churches in the area are raising money to turn this place into a church camp! (the space can also be used by non-profit organizations and family reunions) They call it Joy ranch because the gal who donated the land was named Joy. Her good deed will always be a part of the place now. The camp is themed after the old west, there is an authentic old church and country school house, a sweet little lake and the new construction consists of bunk-houses that look like old west store fronts. The whole place was just so neat to explore!

They really put a lot of detail into this place, I mean look the floor outside the buildings, concrete stamped to look like wood! That is not all I discovered, they had light fixtures that looked like kerosene lamps or had wash basins around them, the ceilings had corrugated steel cut into squares and fit into a drop down ceiling, and they had this awesome coat rack made of old doors and deer antlers. How creative and useful. Oh and check out the adorable chuck wagon in the background of this pick, they were cooking over a fire and serving food from it, so much fun!

After we explored for awhile we went on a covered wagon ride! The kids were so excited and all I could think, was what if this was still our main transportation, it would take forever to get anywhere!

The wagon right was enjoyed by all, but made us all a little hungry. We headed back up to the main street area to enjoy a yummy meal. Pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, chips, and home-made peach crisp, YUMMO! Two hours were spent exploring this awesome place and we were all exhausted. So after our meal we headed back to Grandma’s house so the 2 little ones could take a nap. The rest of the weekend was spent playing outside, visiting a friends house and just spending time with family. Hannah & Hudson playing in the sand/mud after their bath, we really did not think that on through!I just love it when I remember to bring my camera with me!

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  1. Pam Drake permalink
    August 31, 2011 4:55 pm

    It was a fun day, and it was nice that it was so close to our house! Thanks for posting the pictures!!!

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