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Fun little family project

September 8, 2011

The weekend before Nick left for his guards training we did a little fun family project. In fact it is still sitting on the back patio even though it was done about a month ago. I have wanted to do a post on this, but just took the “after” pictures the other day. If you are wondering what we made then read on!

It involves these things: Quickcrete, pretty little gems and tiles, a mold to shape them, cooking spray, and some creativity! We made some lovely paving stones for my garden! This was such a fun little project because it involved all of us some how or another. We made a couple of family ones and then the boys got to make their own smaller ones. Elliot was not very much help with this whole process since he more enjoyed putting the gems in his mouth so he just did a hand print on his stone. The rest of the project he spent in the swing, swinging and watching!We all four put our handprints into one! It is kind of hard to see, but Hayden enjoys fitting his hand into each place and seeing who has the biggest (Daddy) and smallest (Elliot) hands in our family! I made one more with our names and a little flower. I thought it would look nice in a flower garden or something!It really was a great family moment before Nick had to leave for 32 days. Sorry it took me so long to share it with you all!

PS. if you want to do this project at home, make sure you get the best quickcrete! I got the mid-grade one and the gravel was really big and coarse. Also do not add to much water, it really does not take much at all!!

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