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February 4, 2012

I have been MIA for the past couple months. Things have been busy around here with the holidays and Birthdays. It seems like a lot of events have been packed into the last couple months.  Another reason I have been MIA is because we have been busy trying keep our house in tip-top shape while we sell it and because I have been sick!

Not a bad sick, but that of the pregnancy kind. Between exhaustion and nausea I really have not taken the time to update my blog. We found out around Christmas that we were expecting again and are beyond excited!
Nick has always wanted two kids and I have always wanted four so we decided three would be great. Little did we know that God had planned on us having four kids, because we are having twins!! So this will definitely be my last pregnancy, unless God gives us another surprise!

(we put trick candles on Hayden’s cake and they re-lit again after he blew them out and he was so surprised)Since this is my last I’m trying really hard to enjoy it, but with 2 babies growing inside of you, you are doubly tired, doubly sick and doubly out of it! Let’s just say my mothering and wifely duties have really been slacking around here. I am 12 weeks now, so I really hope that this stage will pass and I will feel like myself again before I get to hugely uncomfortable! So far everything has gone smoothly with my pregnancy and both babies are growing well. I just hope that they can stay in there until August (when I’m due) and grow nice and big. Please say extra prayers for us, I really feel we are going to need them…especially if I find out we are having 2 boys!! I may just reserve a place at the loony bin if I have four boys 😉 Healthy and happy are what I really want, but a little pink wouldn’t be so bad either!!
PS. The pics are from Hayden’s 5th Birthday party, which we had at a hotel’s indoor water-park! It was a blast!!


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