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What season is it?

March 19, 2012

The past week the weather has been absolutely beautiful! Usually in March we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, but with this mild winter we have had all that was here has disappeared. I sure hope this warm weather decides to stay around because we are really enjoying being outside!Hayden has been perfecting the art of mud pies and has really been enjoying his time with his friends. For the past week he has been outside from the time he gets home from Pre-K until he is called in for dinner, sometimes he will even go out afterwards to play with his friends. It is nice that he is at an age where I do not have to constantly be watching him outside. Elliot on the other hand is in need of constant supervision!Even with me close-at-hand, he still manages to get into everything! You turn your back for a moment and suddenly he is across the yard and playing in the mud or heading for the neighbor’s yard. He is a typical little boy, he loves to get dirty and has so much energy!We have enjoyed this early spring and hope that it continues to stick around. All this fresh air has really worn us all out and has made bedtime a breeze, making this one happy Mom. Even I have got to bed a little earlier, which is great for me and these little babies I’m growing!

Dirty faces, sand everywhere, and laughs; that is what this past week has been all about. I cannot wait until Spring and Summer are officially here to stay!

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