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Easter 2012

April 9, 2012

We celebrated Easter at my Grandparent’s farm this year. This is something that gets harder and harder for us attend every year since we seem to always be splitting our holidays between families. It was great to spend time with my Mother’s siblings and our cousins…not to mention all the cousin’s kids. Our family is just growing and growing every year!This pic is an incomplete since we are missing quite a few, but it is the group that spent Easter meal with us at the farm. Family really is such a blessing and I love that no matter how we grow or where we go we always have each other.
Our weekend was spent with Easter eggs hunts, family time and food! The young ones spent most of their time outside going on adventures in the woods and old farm building. We had lots of fresh air, even if the wind threatened to blow us all away!
The kids had an visit from the Easter Bunny and we enjoyed a beautiful service at my Grandparent’s church on Sunday. We really had a blessed weekend!
He has risen and I don’t know any better way to celebrate than with family! I hope you all had a very Happy Easter, we sure did!

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