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April 24, 2012

I definitely felt like summer today. It was over 80 degrees out, there was no wind and there was cotton from the cottonwood trees floating everywhere. I do not remember a day in April where there was cotton flying!
We spent the first part of the day playing inside, since that just seems to be our routine until Hayden has to go to Pre-K. Elliot has really been into wearing this mask and running around the house like a crazy kid. Hayden on the other hand has been spending time drawing pictures and painting a birdhouse that we got for him (more on that later). It really is amazing how these two are complete opposites!

Since it was such a loverly day out I decided to hook up the sprinkler and let the kids enjoy the “summer” day. Elliot was not all about running through the sprinkler, but really enjoyed drinking out of it when it was on low. Hayden loved every part of it!

This post is really about nothing at all, but that fact that God is good. Just wanted to share my joy with you all!

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