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Day 7

June 16, 2012

Today I struggled. Maybe it was because it is a weekend, it is beautiful out and I missed our backyard fun, or maybe it is because I know my boys are going to a Birthday party without me today. Either way, I did not want to be here today! It was just a long day with nothing to do. For the past couple days I have focused on my countdown/inspiration calendar and that has really kept me entertained and feeling almost productive but now it is finished and up on my wall. I keep thinking maybe I should start a book, but I can only read so long before I feel the need to do something else. Even my computer and TV does not really do anything for me, both are off most of the day. I just want to do some thing productive, even though I know growing these babies is productive, just not mentally challenging!

I’m hoping tomorrow my husband can make it to Garretson and bring me my crocheting stuff and maybe even my needle work. Maybe that will give me another sense of purpose. Gotta keep my hands and mind busy since I can’t really do anything with the rest of my body!!

On the up side, I am not on any medications to stop labor (and haven’t been since Monday at 6am) and it has not started  up again. I have had a few contractions here and there, but nothing concerning to my docs. The babies are both doing well and showing no signs of stress and are as active as ever. IV’s are all out, been cleared for wheelchair rides and am only hooked up to a monitor 3 times a day for about an hour! All of these are steps in the right direction!!

All in all I have lots to be thankful for, but sometimes the Mama guilt of not being there for my other two kiddos makes the day longer. Two things that get me by, are knowing that Hayden and Elliot will not remember me not being there for them and knowing that the longer I keep these other two kiddos in the better off we all will be.

I feel a little better getting that off my chest! I pray that the next 4-5 weeks fly by and that my posts and lack of pictures do not bore you all to death!!

PS. My sister is coming to stay at the hospital with me tonight and we are going to watch a movie and be lazy!! I have looked forward to that all day, which was another reason the day seemed so long!!

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