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Elliot’s 2nd Birthday

July 3, 2012

June 30th was Elliot’s 2nd Birthday and we had a lovely party at our house. It was a buggy birthday party theme with a bouncy house for the kiddos to bounce their hearts out!

Elliot was napping when his guests arrived and he actually stayed sleeping for about half of the party. He has been such a crab lately since we are in the process of moving to a big kid bed, so we did not dare wake him up when people started coming. Most of the kids are closer to Hayden’s age anyways, so Elliot just watched them for the most part.

The day was extremely hot with very little wind, so the party turned into a water play party pretty quickly. It was so fun to watch the kids having such a great time. I was kind of in and out all day. Part of the time I was on the couch relaxing in the AC the other part I was outside watching the festivities from my chair. I am just so happy I got to be home to see it!

We had hot dogs, sloppy Joes, caterpillar grapes, dirt cups with gummy worms, lady bug strawberries, Bug juice and of course CAKE! My Mom was a huge help getting everything ready and baking the cake for me so I could decorate it. We had a little cake mishap, when Elliot decided to grab a hand-full of cake while it was cooling, but I made it work! That little ant is really going to town on that cake!

This is one thing I try to do for my boys every year, is make and decorate their cakes. Click here, here and here is you want to see other cakes I have made for them.

After Elliot opened his gifts, we let the kids play for a little while before we cut into the cake. I will never forget the look on his face when we brought out his brand new hot wheel! He was so excited to have his own ridey!!

The party was pretty fun for everyone involved and pretty much wore us all out! After everyone left, I basically made a beeline for my bed and did not want to move. My whole body hurt and I know I over-did-it but babies are still in, so it was worth it!

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