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Day 36 & 35 weeks pregnant

July 15, 2012

Today I have been on bed rest for 36 days. This all started at 30 weeks and now here it is 5 weeks later and I still have these babies in. I really am blessed with a great support system to help me out during this time!

This past weekend was unfortunately spent in the hospital again 😦 On Thursday I was feeling kind of odd and by Friday it was even worse. Since I do not labor like a normal person (I really cannot feel it!) I called my doc with my concerns. My back was hurting really bad, along with my hips and tailbone, I was having numbness in my legs and what felt like panic attacks, where my heart would race and make me feel really sick and tired. Dr. M wanted me to go in immediately and be monitored and labor and delivery. I was really hoping that they would watch me for a couple hours and then send me home, but that is not how it worked out. She decided to check me to make sure that I was not dilating and sure enough I was 3.5cm dilated and 75% effaced. Since there was a change from the 2cm I was before she decided to keep me until Sunday (today) to make sure that things were not brewing. She also wanted to do a growth scan to see how the babies were coming along.

Saturday morning they did a growth scan. Baby A was measuring at about 5lbs 5oz, which is right were he needs to be for his gestational age. The Doc then asked me if Baby B has always been bigger and I told him yes. He then joked about how she has a chubby little belly already. It was good to hear that she was doing to well. Baby B ended up measuring at about 6lbs 6oz and was 3 days larger for her gestational age. I wish that these scans were completely accurate, but in all honesty they are not that reliable. I think I read somewhere that they on average can be anywhere from 20% higher or 20% lower than what is measured. Either way, my babes are growing and that is what is important!

I had a few contractions, but mostly just felt sick and tired the whole time, but after 2 days in the hospital I am now only 3cm and she said it was up to me if I wanted to stay there or go home. I of course chose HOME!! I can get back there pretty quickly if anything starts up again. Not to mention being in the hospital kind of bummed me out! At least when I am home I feel like I’m a little more part of my previous life. When in the hospital I feel really disconnected from everyone, even with visitors, phone calls, e-mails and facebook!!

For Example, Hayden was at his Grandma Vicki’s house this weekend and he learned to do cannonballs off the dock into the lake. He called me to tell me all about it and I was so excited for him. He asked me where I was at and I told him I was in the hospital again. His exact words were ” Awe man, not again. Well I miss you and love you” by the time I got off the phone with him I was in tears! I just want to do it all and I can’t. To keep these two in my tummy safe I have to rest and take it easy, but not being there for my other two is just eating me up inside!

I’m really hoping I can make it to 37 weeks (which is full term) but everyday seems to be getting harder and harder. I pray to God for strength to get me through this and to help me when these blessings finally do come. This bed rest thing is hard, but I know taking care of two newborns, a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old is going to be much harder!!

PS. The pics in this post are pretty old, but I forgot all about them and I can’t help but share my amazing boys with you all!!

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