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The twins are here!

July 27, 2012

Okay, I know this post is a week overdue since they are already a week old, but I thought I better share some of our story. Just so you know this maybe to much information for some people, if you are one of them please skip this post or just look at the pics!!

On Thursday July 19th, 2012, I had a doctors appointment because she wanted to check me one more time before the weekend. Sure enough when she checked me I was 4.5 almost 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I got pretty anxious at this point since they were only 35 weeks and 5 days gestation. My doc sent me over to labor & delivery but said there was not need to hurry. My mom, I and my 2 boys stopped off and ate at Culver’s and then headed over to L&D. They never feed you when you are in labor so I figured I better get some food in my belly!!

We went to L&D and my mom decided to take the boys back to Garretson so they would not be underfoot. A 5-yr-old and a 2-yr-old do not do well waiting in confined spaces! When we got there I was having regular contractions, but like last time I was not really feeling them. I guess I do not labor like regular people since the only part that hurts is the actually pushing them out part! The contractions I can handle!

They checked me again at around 1pm and I was 5.5cm dilated and still about 80% effaced. At this time they we put in the order for an epidural. I was not in pain, but because I was having twins they wanted me to have one in case some thing would go wrong and they needed to do a c-section. After the epidural my labor slowed down, well at least they thought it did since the monitor was not showing contractions. They gave me some pitocin to see if they could get things going again. Well needless to say I was still having contractions even though the monitor was not reading them. By 4:45pm I was almost complete and they were getting ready to take me back to the OR to deliver. let me tell ya, delivering in an OR is way more stressful then a regular labor and delivery room!

I mean look at all that scary stuff! I could hardly tell which person was my husband! Since both babies were head down, I began pushing. Unfortunately baby A started to have some decels in his heartrate so the doc had to assist him with a vacuum. He was coming out wrong (face up) and was crooked in the birth canal because Baby b was on him. After about an hour of pushing, Nicholas Oliver Bowers (Oliver) was born at 6pm. He weighed 5lbs 4oz and was 19 inches long. About 7 minutes and 4 pushes later LaRayne Pamela (Laney) was born at 6:07pm. She was 5lbs 14oz and  19inches long. They were perfect!

Soon after they were born Nick and the babies were taken up to the NICU to make sure that they were doing well (all babies born before 36 weeks goes to the NICU). They were rushed out pretty quickly and the anesthesiologist was called back because I started to hemorrhage. That was one of the scariest feeling ever, I started to get really woozy and felt like I was going to black out. Not my favorite!! My doc did a D&C and was able to stop the bleeding, Thank God! Afterwards she made the comment “well, I’m glad I didn’t have to do a hysterectomy” that made me realize just how bad that all could have been!

Afterwards, I went back to my room to recover. After about an  hour, I went to the NICU to see me little babes! By 10pm both babies were down in the Newborn Nursery on the Postpartum floor with us. They were rockstars! I will share more at another time…I got a babe who needs to eat!! A mothers duties are never ending!


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