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Diaper Box Redo

February 21, 2013

One thing that I have learned since having twins is how important it is to reuse things. Our budget can be pretty tight since we have a family of six and two dogs that all need to be maintained on one income. Budgeting is not something that I am very good at, but I do try. I make my own laundry detergent (combined a few different recipes from Pinterest), I frequent thrift stores for home decor and furniture (I love junking and rummaging) and I’m also really getting into clipping coupons, anything to save a buck!

With that said I have a confession to make, I use disposable diapers! Not budget friendly, but so much less work. You need less work when you have four kids two of which are in diapers full-time and one who wears pull-ups at night. So here is the point I’m getting at, we go through lots of diapers and with the diapers comes boxes, lots of boxes! For the longest time I was giving them to the garbage man (who recycles them) but then I realized how perfectly they worked  for storage. They work wonders to organize toys, art supplies, or even to hold extra items that we buy in bulk. They also have lovely handles that make them easy to hold and carry. They are extremely useful but very ugly…LIGHT BULB! I need to make my boxes pretty! I’m not sure if this was my idea or something I saw on Pinterest, I think it may be a little of both. Anyways here is what you need:IMG_7048 scrapbook paper, a box, tacky spray (love this stuff) and a box cutter or knife. First thing I did was cut the box flaps off, since those are not needed, then I picked my paper and went to work. Spray a generous coating of tacky spray on the back of your chosen paper and apply it to the ends with the handles and pushed the paper around the corners and over the top of the box. These sides are smaller so you will excess paper to push around the edges. It is easier to make clean edges on the side if you do the small ends first.IMG_7050Put the paper on and smooth it out. Do the other end and the sides the same way. Next you have to make the handles. Through trial and error I found that cutting them in the patter below and then pushing them in works best. Try not to cut to far  or the paper will rip. Also try to make it as centered as possible to avoid rips!IMG_7076IMG_7064Tah-dah, a beautiful new storage box! This is super simple and so worth it. Some of it took a little trial and error for paper placement and so on. I also tried wrapping paper on one of them (the middle box in the pic below) it was a nightmare! Unless you have a heavy-duty wrapping paper I suggest sticking with scrapbook paper, because wrapping paper rips to easily and will tear if you need to reposition it. It also does not smooth out very well.IMG_7078IMG_7084My “kids” closet looks so much better now that the craft and drawing supplies are put into fancy boxes and I also reorganized it because it was a mess!! I hope you all enjoy my little diaper box redo, next I’m going to put little chalkboard tags on them. Stay tuned for that and many more little projects. I have felt cooped up lately and for some reason it makes me want to create things. Have a blessed day!!

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