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Chalkboard Matte

March 7, 2013

I have had some photo collage frames that have some really ugly colored matte boards. I bought the frames at a thrift store for a couple of dollars each and repainted them the way that I wanted. Well, after I repainted them I realized that the matte boards looked even worse!!_MG_7215Ugly aren’t they! I wanted to try something a little different with them and since chalkboards are all the rage now I figure a chalkboard matte would be an interesting project!  I mixed 1 tablespoon of no sand grout with 2 ounces of craft paint and went to work painting the matte boards.  It took more than one coat to get them completely covered (Make sure to let them dry very well between coats of paint)._MG_7231After they were completely covered with my homemade chalkboard paint I let them dry overnight. Once they were dry took a piece of chalk and draw all over the boards. This gets them ready to receive chalk and helps it wash off better when you want to change them.  _MG_7277Wipe them down a couple of times with a damp cloth and do what you will with them 🙂_MG_7347I put some pics of my kids at different ages in one and some random family photos in the other. You can write the date the photo was taken,  the name of the people or even just draw unique designs all over the matte, whatever your heart desires! It just washes right off with a damp cloth so it can change with your pictures._MG_7359Sorry the last pic is so blurry, I really wanted to finish this post so I could get to bed! Enjoy!

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