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October 9, 2013

IMG_8070It didn’t happen the day the babies came home or even in their first year of life, but this past weekend it hit me…we have a big family. I mean not a huge family, but by many standards larger than most. This all crept up on me rather slowly, maybe I was to busy with the twins as infants to even realize it, or maybe life is such a blur that I missed it somewhere. Some ways I should have noticed is that I no longer get away with one load of laundry a day and lets not even talk about the dishes! Just do the math, six people, with six cups, plates, spoons and silverware three times a day, plus snack times and the dishes created to make the food, let’s just say my sink is never empty. My family feels big and not just in size!

_MG_9609Meal times are loud and busy, bed/bath time often chaotic, and lets not even start with the fighting. We bought our house because for the price range we started out in it was the biggest we could find & I loved the floor plan with three bedrooms upstairs and one in the basement (plus a family room and office). For a family or three we had space. Enter three more children and the fact that we mainly occupy four of these rooms (kitchen, babies’ room, boys’ room and living room) and let’s just say it is getting tight.

_MG_9678 editSo this weekend Nick and I were at our wits end with all the noise/fighting/chaos and he asks me, “when are we going to move Hayden downstairs to that bedroom?”
I look at him in shock! All I can think is he is too little to have a bedroom in the basement so far away from us all. I answer, ” maybe when he is 8 or 9, I can hardly get him to go down and get a gallon of milk out of the other fridge!”
He is six and a half now, but is still pretty nervous about being alone in any room let alone one in the basement. As the day continued and I thought about it further, I decided to ask my Facebook friends/mamas for some advice about when they moved their littles to the basement. Suddenly, I realized I am completely babying him. So I asked H what he wanted to do and he gets so excited about moving to the basement that we start right than and there. Tonight will be night five in his new room and it has gone so smoothly I know that he was ready. He still does not like to hangout down there unless someone is with him, but it is getting better.

_MG_9813I kind of wonder if this is what Princess Aurora felt like when she was woken by Prince Phillip’s kiss? Completely confused and dumbfounded by all that occurred while she was asleep, or in my case while I was completely overwhelmed by life! Some how the time has passed by and my babies (all four) are growing up.  I have tried my hardest to stick my heels in the ground and not allow this to pass, but it is. Life goes on unnoticed by your every day tasks. I am not ready for Hayden to move to the basement.  I am not ready for Elliot to sleep on the top bunk of the bunk bed. But most of all I am not ready to be a baby-less household.  However, they are ready and I need to accept that and let them grow up.


“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be”
– Sonia Ricotti



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