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Nobody is perfect

October 29, 2013

The other day a friend of mine made a comment on Facebook about how I am one of those mothers that makes all other mothers look bad. She meant it as a compliment, but I felt I needed to clear some things up. Nobody is perfect and when one shows the “good stuff” the majority of the time it can seem like they are. I sometimes think that when people look at my blog and some of my photos that they think life is perfect here. That I am always organized and on top of all things on the home front. Always putting my kids and my husband’s needs before my own and doing so with a smile and kindness in my heart. I am here to tell you that as hard as I try to do these things, that is not the case!IMG_0174

Some most days I am embarrassed at the state of my house. I often think, man I hope no ones pops in to say hello today, because seriously this place looks like a bomb went off. Cleaning is not my forte. I am not very good at it and so I do not excel or even want to spend much time doing it. Sometimes I try my hardest to keep up with all the cleaning, putting everything in it proper place and loving how nice it looks. Then I move on to the next room only to discover that 10 minutes later all the work I did in the previous room is undone. This vicious cycle is sometimes too much for me, so I just leave it for my sanity!IMG_0256

I have my good days where I would make Martha Stewart look bad, but I have other days where I feel like I am not even fit to be a mother. On the unfit days, the littlest annoyance sends me into a 2 minute temper tantrum about something as silly as the boys knocking on the table trying to get the dog to bark (I hate that). One wonders why we punish our kids for tantrums, when we as adults do just the same thing. Things like “road rage” or “blow ups” over tipping a glass of milk are all types of tantrums that I see many adult guilty of!IMG_0284

Parenting is just one of those things that can bring out the absolute best in us, or the worst. You have to constantly try to keep your mood in check, because seriously, your attitude is what sets the atmosphere for your home. We all want our children to grow up in loving homes where they feel safe and adored. A healthy home is something that is very important to me and I try to maintain the best I can. It is also something that can be challenging when you get a poor nights sleep or your feeling stressed by spreading yourself to thin. So on THOSE kind of days, I just try to make it through and hope tomorrow is better. Quite frankly, nobody is perfect but our children love us anyways and that is what is important!IMG_0193

“I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.”
– Daniel Hillel

(pictures are courtesy on Schoolmeester Photography, giving credit where credit is due :)…oh and I have the copyrights)

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