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Thankful part 1

November 21, 2013

I have noticed a trend on Facebook of friends and family sharing something that they are thankful for every day in the month of November. I tried it last year, but was not on Facebook everyday so I hated having to write a long list in my status to catch myself up. So this year I thought I would just do a blog post about it 🙂 With Thanksgiving just around the corner I felt it was necessary for me to share my 15 things that I am thankful for. Next week I will do 15 more things that I am thankful for 🙂

1.) My husband; Nick is my perfect match. He challenges me (not always in a good way), laughs with me, loves me even when I am weird (which is kind of a lot), is my teammate in parenting and my best friend. He is the person I would choose to spend my time with if I could only choose one person to “hangout” with, luckily I married his so he will be spending time with me for all eternity!_MG_9461

2.) My oldest child; Hayden whose heart is so tender. He is my sensitive, mindful child who always wants to please and make people happy. He has a kind heart and is very creative. His love of music and drawing just makes my pride shine when he shows off these talents. My silly first-born has been by far the easiest to parent, but as he gets older is becoming more challenging. These challenges usually come from the fact that as the oldest more is expected of him and he has to be my “helper” all the time with the little kids. _MG_0491

3.) My second son; Elliot is my wild child. He is my challenge! The exact polar opposite of Hayden and I so we do not always see eye to eye. His determination, logic and sense of humor are so much like his father that it is no wonder that people use to call him a little Nick (Ollie is now the new little Nick). His daily “I love you most’s” melt my heart and allow me to forget all the naughty things that he does. Elliot is the child that I constantly have to redirect and keep busy or I regret it later.  life is not boring with him around!_MG_0434

4.) My third son; Oliver is the oldest of the twins but the tiniest of all my kids. He is my little peanut person who uses his cheesy grin and copy cat antics to wrap his Mama, Grandmas and Aunties around his little finger. Ollie gets more female attention then any of my other children and is by far the one who is always putting on a show. He is a silly little nut that thinks he should get all the attention and often demands it by squawking and squealing! I love watching his personality develop and am thankful that this little guy is part of this crazy family!IMG_92508x10

5.) My only daughter; Laney is me when I was little. She is shy and reserved (until she gets to know you), looks almost exactly like me when I was a baby and she has very expressive facial expressions (those got me in trouble when I was younger). She is much more squealy then the boys and a more dramatic which has taken some getting use too.  All the boys are in love with her and are so kind to her (most of the time) as if having a little sister were way better than having little brothers. She also has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger! I am curious to see how her personality will unfold as she gets older (tom boy like me or girly girl since she is my only girl). So thankful for a daughter to shop with when all the guys are hunting!IMG_9290 8x10

6.) My parents; Bob & Pam have taught me so much about life and love there is no possible way to explain what they mean to me. I am thankful that they are still a huge part of my life (I talk to my mom almost everyday) and want to be! I know I can always count on them and they are always on my team…even if they are on the bench far away from our everyday life!

7.) My older Brother; Ryan was always our protector growing up. Many people have stories about their older brothers beating on them or picking on them, I do not. He was almost always kind to us and was very laid back. We had some of the same friends in high school and hung-out quite a bit.

8.) My younger Sister; Kendra was not always a best friend of mine, but now I can’t imagine my life without her. When we were growing up, she was my competition for my parents attention and she was kind of bratty to me (she may say it was the other way around) so we did not always get along. As we have matured we have realized how important family is and I am thankful of the bond we now share 🙂

9.) My Mother-in-law and Father-in-law; Vicki and Mike are the best! I mean handpicked by God, perfect for me, better person because I know them kind of best! No words can express the gratitude I have for them and all they do for us!

10.) My Grandparents; Pearl and Paul are the soul of the Wiechmann clan! If you know any of this clan you know what a compliment that is!_MG_9552 lrg

11.) My extended family; aunts, uncles, cousins…you name it we still keep in touch and are very much a part of each others lives. I feel so blessed to have grown up with family all around me and love watching this family of ours grow!

12.) Our miniature dachshund; Kirby is an overweight, little weirdo that just adds to our already chaotic family! He was our first “kid” and has been with us for over 8 years._MG_9814

13) Creativity; I am so thankful for my ability to create things may it be portraits/photography, blogging, repainting furniture or making gifts for my family. I love being able to do these things and share them with all of you 🙂

14.) Food; Real food makes our heart happy. It gives us sustenance and brings us closer together as a family. Family dinners prepared by Mom and enjoyed by all 🙂

15.) Our home; Although it is not our dream home and has required “fixing up” through the years, I am thankful for the memories made here and the shelter it provides for us.  We are so blessed to have such a beautiful place to call our own!

So there they are the first 15, next week I will share the another 15 things. Hopefully this is not to dull and boring but there are lots to be thankful for here, so stick around 🙂

“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.”
― Henry Ward Beecher

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